1st cut Timothy grass has the highest fiber content and lowest protein levels than any of the other cuttings of timothy grass. It is slightly coarser which helps wear down rabbit's teeth and is beneficial for rabbits with GI/tract sensitivities that require more fiber. 1st cut Timothy grass isn’t t as soft as later cuttings but has an abundance of big flowering heads that rabbits LOVE to eat.

1st Cut Timothy Hay

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  • Large Size Quantities: Due to the shipping cost of larger size boxes, 30lb and 45lb orders will be shipped as 2/3 15lb boxes (offered at a discounted price). 


    For small pets with no dietary restrictions, Timothy Hay is a perfect fit to help ensure a healthy digestive track. Fun fact: Rabbits cannot throw up! This means that it is crucial to keep their digestive track functioning properly with plenty of fiber. Timothy Hay 1st Cut is high in fiber and has large seed heads that most animals love! 

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