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New HayRabbit Website Reveal!

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

We've packed our new website with TONS of great information about hay, small pets & how you can get involved in an exclusive brand ambassador program. Hop inside and find out more!

Interested in joining the HayRabbit brand ambassador program? Email us at: info@hayrabbitco.com to find out more! #hayrabbitco #rabbits #chinchillas #brandambassador #premiumhay

About HayRabbit

HayRabbit is based in Brawley, California - a small agricultural oasis in the Imperial Valley where small-town values are BIG and hard-work is in fashion. The Imperial Valley's farming area consists of 500,000 acres of 100% irrigated prime farmland. We are known as the lettuce and carrot capitals of the world and America's Winter Produce Basket. 

Our family has been farming produce and hay since 1962 as well as shipping our products in large quantities both domestically and internationally for over 50 years. HayRabbit was founded in the Summer of 2018 when we noticed a lack of premium hay available for small pets that was consistently excellent quality, convenient sizes, and shipped quickly to buyers. As farmers, we recognized a huge lack of farm fresh quality of pet owners and saw an opportunity to serve the small pet community. HayRabbit hay's and grass' are far from your ordinary bagged hay. We understand the difference between acceptable and exceptional. We carefully select only the best hay to go in our boxes because Pets ARE Family and quality matters. HayRabbit is not just pet food, it's and experience. When you open a box of HayRabbit we want you to smell the freshness and feel like you just purchased your hay directly from our farm. Exceptional quality. Period. 

Decades of farming has equipped our team with the knowledge and patience to know when to harvest and when to wait. Whether you're purchasing one box or a truckload, when you purchase from HayRabbit you can purchase with the confidence of knowing generations of experience, knowledge, and passion went into producing the premium product you will receive. We value quality, work ethic and YOU -

Welcome to the HayRabbit Family

Owners- John & Andrew Currier 

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