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1st Cut Timothy & Orchard Harvest Recap

As 1st Cut Timothy and Orchard got all balled up early May we are getting close to starting the 2nd Cut. 1st Cut went beyond great being blessed with 4 straight days of light winds resulting in perfect dry conditions. Just enough for a fast dry/ cure and bale. This years 1st Cut probably has the largest seed heads we’ve ever seen! Some over 6 inches long which is always a favorite treat for our small pets. Getting baled up from cut to baling within 80 hrs. 3.5 days. Whereas usually it’s 4 days at the very minimum and up to 7. The faster it dries and is baled the more fragrant and green the hay stays. What a great harvest! Check back soon for 2nd Cut Timothy updates - Farmer John #farmfresh #smallpetfood #premiumboxedhay

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